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Social Media Faux Pas

We all make mistakes.  But some are worse than others!

Nothing compares to the depth of the cringing shame felt on realization that your hastily typed nonsensical tweet was broadcast to thousands of followers, or you realize you’ve bombarded your contacts with irrelevant information. You start hoping that the volume of twitter traffic picks up to hide your tweet or everyone’s too busy to read it.

social media faux pas Social Media Faux PasIf this has happende to you then, maybe it’s time to start looking at the social media part on your internet marketing strategy.

Here are a few horrendously common social media faux pas which we’d all do well to avoid.

1. Have you ever hit enter instead of the space bar when using the tweet deck URL shortener to a website address that you wanted to use in another application?

The result is that you post a link to a website that was never intended. What’s worse is that there’s no associated text so it looks like a blatant sell of your website. What a great piece of internet marketing strategy NOT. Make sure you put information in the Tweet Box which is ready to go to make sure you avoid accidents. You can also use something like tinyurl to shorten your URLs.

2. Consider this faux pas.  Setting up TweetAdder for a very targeted internet marketing campaign to business owners about your product and your last blog was about something completely irrelevant like wine for instance.

3. What about spelling – nothing annoys people more (especially in Britain) than poor spelling. Bring on the auto-spellchecker for Tweet apps.

4. While trying to post twitter updates to your LinkedIn profile you end up changing “Recent Status” several times and bombarding your followers with updates! Joy upon joy, you mumble to yourself! It’s best to turn off status notifications while fiddling with the settings.

5. Sending out personal tweets when you are using Twitter for your business is a huge no no in my books – comments like “I’m sooooo hung-over today” or “my kid has got this really horrible flu bug”. Well who cares really?

6. The best one though was succinctly pointed out to me recently by one of my colleagues who has this on his “Thanks for the Follow” message – “don’t you hate it when people try and sell you something straight away?” Yes I do Richard; I am so with you there!

So many people are missing the point of social media when using it for business. It is simply a way of having conversations and building relationships. The hard sell just will not work (has it ever worked?). The key point to remember with this media is that it gives instant market feedback via the un-follow button! Advertising and online marketing companies are making it easier for average everyday companies to blunder into the world of social media. There’s plenty of sniggering going around in the background about how certain companies are handling their online activities in social media and their overall internet marketing.

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