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Social Media Strategy

To incorporate social media into your business, you need to develop your own social media strategy.

Here are just three of the many things that can help you develop your social media strategy.

1.  Ask yourself – what is my aim for getting involved in social media?

Even if you algro 17 Social Media Strategyready have an online social media presence it is worth re-visiting your aim of having that presence. You could  be looking to reposition your brand, increase followers to establish a loyal customer base or wanting to use social media for improving your customer service.

The aim of your social media strategy will then determine, to a certain extent, what social channels you use and how you position your self within these channels.  For example, if you have the aim of using social media to increase your website rankings, we would suggest using a blog as the  appropriate channel to do that.  The design of your blog, the content, the plugins you use can all help your search engine rankings.

2. Developing the Right Content.

The content you develop and also the language you use should be targeted to your customers.  So, if you have technical engineers as your target market then the language and content would have to be at the same technical level they are if you wish to position yourself as an expert.

Your content must be tightly focused around both your customers and also the central aim of the strategy. The most important point when delivering content through social media is that it must add value.

3.  Exposure – its no good if you can’t be seen!

Once you have a social media presence established, you need to use syndication to ensure wide distribution.  This can take the form of using twitter, rss feeds, bookmarking, site-maps, video, press releases to name just a few examples.  The aim of this distribution is to support the main aim of your social media strategy.

If you need help to develop your social media strategy drop me an email.

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