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Using Facebook for Events and other Social Media Event Promotion – Part 2 Tools

In part 1 of this blog we talked about three areas you need to consider when using Social Media to promote your events: Audience, Content and Relationships.

The key to getting good exposure for your event and “creating the buzz” is to use a few different channels to get across you message.

Not all of the 1600 or so social media sites will be useful to your particular event so below I have listed a few that would be suitable to enhance the visibility of most events.

  1. Flickr is great for sharing photos – it may be as simple as showing the event venue or photos of past similar events.
  2. You Tube – how about a personal video message from the keynote speaker or a clip from the bands last live performance.
  3. Slideshare – this site has great visibility with professionals and you can even use it to share your slideshows and videos on your LinkedIn company profile.
  4. Facebook – gather your fans into one place by offering them sneak previews and special offers.  Facebook only content is essential to use this channel well.
  5. RSS feeds – using your RSS feeds from your blog can increase your exposure of your event especially if you create a comments feed and syndicate both feeds across the web.
  6. Twitter is great for building “on the day” buzz – consider having a dedicated tweeter at the event to give live updates.
  7. Forums – don’t forget about the traditional forums (yes they are still alive and kicking) to generate discussion, especially if there is one in your niche.

Social Media is all about your audience finding you and by being present on a number of channels this will allow a lot more people to find you and your event.

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  2. Awesome, that’s just what I was shooting for! You just spared me alot of searching around

  3. [...] consider when using Social Media to promote your events: Audience, Content and Relationships.  In Part 2 we looked at some tools and channels to use to “create the [...]

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