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How to use Social Media to Promote Events – Part 3 After the Event

In Part 1 of this blog we talked about three areas you need to consider when using Social Media to promote your events: Audience, Content and Relationships.  In Part 2 we looked at some tools and channels to use to “create the buzz”.

So after your event is done a dusted, it is a good idea to find out what people said about it.  This may yield valuable insight ion how to improve on your event management in future.

Many social media monitoring tools are available to let you know what is said about your company and your brand.  The most common one is Google Alerts.  These alerts can be extremely useful in immediately responding to any bad press as well as alerting you to some good press that you can amplify by syndicated the comments through the various social media and more traditional channels.

Being pro-active is the important part of monitoring and your social media policy needs to be constructed properly to allow those who manage your social media to respond with timely information and appropriate comments.

As long as you have integrated your social media with your blog, you can continue the discussion with the more vocal of your fans through follow-up blog posts and active commenting.  Polls are also a great way to keep people engaged and are easy to through into the mix.

Consider doing a webcast of your seminar or teasers from a live performance to keep in contact with those who did not attend you event this time round.

Last but definitely not least – Thank your fans! Yes this takes time but you can always get someone to help with that icon wink How to use Social Media to Promote Events   Part 3 After the Event

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