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How to use Social Media to Promote Events – Part 1: Some Basics

This is the first in a three part blog on using social media to promote your events.

Social media is “just another tool” to help you to promote your events that should be integrated into all of your other marketing and advertising efforts.  However, if you do include social media, it can be incredibly effective if you do it right!

dreamstimefree 7518772 How to use Social Media to Promote Events – Part 1: Some Basics

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First you need an audience – if you already have a Facebook fan base or a number of twitter followers, great.  If not you need to undertake some serious audience building before you will get some return on your investment in social media.  We use a mixture of organic and automated methods to attract followers and if this is integrated with your offline promotion you can build followers quite quickly.

Second you need great content – If you don’t give out great information your audience will evaporate – this is especially true in social media.  So, it is a good idea to have a content strategy where you develop a number of pieces ready to put out through the various social media channels when appropriate.  These content pieces should not only include the usual event information but background on the company running the event, topical news and last minute offers.

Third you need to develop your relationship with your followers and fans; Frequent and regular contact with your audience is necessary to gradually build trust and rapport by having REAL conversations.  This is the “cost” of social media – the time it takes you to manage your conversations.  If you need help with this we can manage your profiles for you and encourage the one-on-one conversations that make social media work.

So you may say, why bother with using social media if it is all that hassle?  Well, the results can be explosive.  You can get both short and long term benefits by gradually building a huge fan base that is both extremely targeted and very loyal and this translates to bums on seats.

In our next post we will cover some of the channels and tools you can use to help to promote your events through social media.

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