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Social Media Management – what is it?

Here we spell out exactly what social media management is all about.

1. The first part of social media management is about having a social media strategy and setting up your profiles on the popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

social media management 297x300 Social Media Management   what is it?Social media strategy is about making sure you are using the right social media sites to suit your target audience and have a way to reach them.  We will write more about this in another post.

So – on to profiles – can’t anyone set up a profile?  Yes they can!

But…maybe you don’t have time or maybe you don’t really want to be bothered to learn how to set one up properly. A social media manager can set your profile up the right way and customize it with your brand so you have a professional and consistent look across your entire online presence.

If you need someone to cast an expert eye over your existing website, blog or your use of social media and video marketing, we can evaluate your entire web presence.  We will tell you what’s HOT and what’s NOT and give you honest feedback & recommendations!

2. The second part of social media management is about maintenance.

If you have a twitter profile already you will know what I mean. Your direct message inbox gets so full with SPAM it is hard to work out what is worth replying to and what is not.  A social media manager can take care of all those as well as post daily status updates over several social networks as well as accepting friend requests, following back and profile management.

For those who want a more in-depth approach we can also provide help with content creation, content distribution channels including RSS, podcasts, social bookmarking, audience building & reputation management. If you already have a large following and are now a social Celebrity, we will work closely with your marketing team to develop & manage your online presence across the social web including blog management, brand monitoring, content syndication, press releases and an integrated online marketing strategy.

Take a look at our social media management packages here.

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