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 Successful Social Media: Blog Results: 

(click on image for a larger view – it opens in a new window)

This result shows the Google ranking of a post that we carefully crafted to contain keywords relevant to this technology blog. 

The image below  shows a number 2 ranking that we achieved within 24 hours of posting despite having over 7 million pages competing with us.  This brought in extremely targeted traffic to this website within hours.

googleiphone2o 300x187 Results 

We ranked for several keywords bringing instant traffic to this website and here is our number 1 ranking in Google for the same post but a different keyword.

googleiphone1o1 300x184 Results

Do you want to know how we did this?  Get in touch with us, book a social media management package that includes a blog and we will do this for you too!

Successful Social Media: Twitter Results: 

(click on image for a larger view – it opens in a new window)

This growth in twitter followers was achieved using both automatic targeted and manual following and was done within a few months. This account continues to grow organically (automatically without input) at a rate of 30 or so followers a week.  What is even more remarkable about this account is that it was put in place as part of the pre-planning for a commercial website which is still not completed.  These followers are also extremely targeted.

vegebenefits stats Results

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