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Social Media Marketing: The Effectiveness of Facebook ads

Well known online marketer Perry Marshall recently interviewed Thomas Meloche of about his experiences on Facebook.  Home School Advantage sells a software tool for accelerated learning.

Thomas is very experienced at AdWords campaigns and now with his experience in social media marketing specifically Facebook advertising, he is in a good position to compare results between the two.  Thomas started using  banner ads on Facebook, using images of children with text about his product underneath and he has compared them directly with Google AdWords ads.  Here’s what he found; Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media Management – what is it?

Here we spell out exactly what social media management is all about.

1. The first part of social media management is about having a social media strategy and setting up your profiles on the popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

social media management 297x300 Social Media Management   what is it?Social media strategy is about making sure you are using the right social media sites to suit your target audience and have a way to reach them.  We will write more about this in another post.

So – on to profiles – can’t anyone set up a profile?  Yes they can!

But…maybe you don’t have time or maybe you don’t really want to be bothered to learn how to set one up properly. A social media manager can set your profile up the right way and customize it with your brand so you have a professional and consistent look across your entire online presence.

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Twittering Yet?

There’s no doubt about it, Twitter is a hot social network.

twitter small Twittering Yet?It’s very easy to sign up and most of all, it’s free.   If you’re one of the millions of users on this social networking site, perhaps you’ve already experienced receiving lots of tweets everyday. There are those who receive hundreds of tweets and so who wouldn’t get tired of receiving and answering them?  And let’s not even mention the huge amounts of SPAM that comes in your direct mail box.  There is no CAN-SPAM Act here!  This is one of the downsides of being connected all the time.

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Using Social Networking Websites to Promote Your Business

Using Social Networking to Promote Your Business

The goal of most business owners is to make money by selling of a particular product or service.  However, to sell that product or service business owners need to alert the general public.  Customer cannot buy a product or a service if they do not know that it exists.  That is why, as a business owner, you need to advertise your business.

When it comes to advertising there are many business owners who literally cringe.

There is a good chance that you cringe because many advertising methods cost money.  As a business owner you want to make money not spend it, right?   Although you may have to spend money to make your business what you want it to be, there are ways to promote your business and the products or services that you sell without having to spend any money at all.

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