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Social Media Marketing: The Effectiveness of Facebook ads

Well known online marketer Perry Marshall recently interviewed Thomas Meloche of about his experiences on Facebook.  Home School Advantage sells a software tool for accelerated learning.

Thomas is very experienced at AdWords campaigns and now with his experience in social media marketing specifically Facebook advertising, he is in a good position to compare results between the two.  Thomas started using  banner ads on Facebook, using images of children with text about his product underneath and he has compared them directly with Google AdWords ads.  Here’s what he found;

  • With Google AdWords your are trying to get match someone’s keyword search and you only get one shot at that individual.
  • In Facebook people are spending a lot of time going back and forth between pages so there are many opportunities to see the ads.
  • He spent around $4,100  getting beta testers for his site – something that he had budgeted $20,000 to achieve – a lot less than he thought.
  • For that $4,100 he got 15.5 million impressions and 11,000 clicks.
  • He did minimal optimization with the Facebook ads unlike what is needed for Google AdWords where small changes to copy would really dramatically change the ad conversion.

Now, before you go off and buy some Facebook ads, you have to make sure that your target customers hang out there.  There may be better places for you to spend your marketing budget so contact our social media management team if you need some help.

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