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No Social Media Competition?

I was checking our own website ranking recently on Yahoo and I saw this warning against one of our Social Media competitors search results.  They had done all the hard work with their SEO and got to page 1 of Yahoo only to have this warning splashed all over their search result.  Potential customers for a Social Media Management company will almost certainly NOT click on that result!  All the better for us but it also highlights some concerns.

social media competitor No Social Media Competition?

This partnership between Yahoo and McAfee has been around since 2008 but it is the first time I have seen the unsolicited emails warning.  Apparently McAfee is now using SearchScan (in BETA mode) to automatically sign up at your companies website and then make an opinion about the quality of the material coming from that website.

searchscan No Social Media Competition?

McAfee SearchScan

While I am all for making the web a less spammy place, I have a few reservations about this practise.  First, where do you draw the line?  What is spammy, what is borderline and what is acceptable?  There are different levels of what is considered acceptable email frequency and tolerance across different cultures.  This is the same in the non-virtual world where you may bargain for a piece of clothing in one country and be expected to pay a fixed price in another country.

Don’t forget that as business owners we are paying for this as well.  For each autoresponder message that goes out to your genuine customers you are now going to get a percentage (albeit a small one) that go to McAfee for checking purposes.

My main concern is about McAfee’s response level to genuine mistakes or problems such as when your blog has been hacked and used for nefarious purposes?    McAfee seems to have a robust system in place for complaints but does it work or is like Google where they simply will not engage?

We would love to hear from anyone who has had any direct experience with McAfee and attempted to get these warnings removed from their website search results.  Please leave your comments below.

mcAfee No Social Media Competition?

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