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Archive for July, 2010

How to use Social Media to Promote Events – Part 1: Some Basics

This is the first in a three part blog on using social media to promote your events. Social media is “just another tool” to help you to promote your events that should be integrated into all of your other marketing and advertising efforts.  However, if you do include social media, it can be incredibly effective [...]


Social Media Strategy

To incorporate social media into your business, you need to develop your own social media strategy. Here are just three of the many things that can help you develop your social media strategy. 1.  Ask yourself – what is my aim for getting involved in social media? Even if you already have an online social [...]


Looking to Hire a Social Media Manager?

Here are 5 questions to ask when you are looking to hire a Social Media Manager. 1.  Have they been using Social Media for a while? You don’t really want a new kid off the block but bear in mind Social Media itself is new.  So we recommend you use someone who has been using [...]


Social Media Faux Pas

We all make mistakes.  But some are worse than others! Nothing compares to the depth of the cringing shame felt on realization that your hastily typed nonsensical tweet was broadcast to thousands of followers, or you realize you’ve bombarded your contacts with irrelevant information. You start hoping that the volume of twitter traffic picks up [...]


Far Too Many Whales?

Is twitter too popular for its own good? If you’ve been following the development of twitter like I have for the last couple of years, you will have noticed an increasing amount of whales. Whales are what you get when Twitter is over capacity and simply can’t cope with the volume of tweets. Also there [...]


Social Media Marketing: The Effectiveness of Facebook ads

Well known online marketer Perry Marshall recently interviewed Thomas Meloche of about his experiences on Facebook.  Home School Advantage sells a software tool for accelerated learning. Thomas is very experienced at AdWords campaigns and now with his experience in social media marketing specifically Facebook advertising, he is in a good position to compare results between [...]


Social Media Management – what is it?

Here we spell out exactly what social media management is all about. 1. The first part of social media management is about having a social media strategy and setting up your profiles on the popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media strategy is about making sure you are using the [...]


Twittering Yet?

Communication is key to Twitter and communicating frequently can lead to many good business opportunities. You can establish trust through constant communication even if you don’t meet your prospects personally. After you’ve gathered many followers who know and trust you, you can then introduce your business.

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